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Source {ORACLE_HOME}/rdbms/admin/*.bsq
File Name Descriptions
daw.bsq Analytic Workspace catalog tables such as aw$, aw_prop$, olap_mappings$, olap_models$, and olap_primary_dimensions$
dcore.bsq Core catalog tables and SYSTEM tablespace SYSTEM rollback segment such as clu$, uet$, seg$, ts$, obj$, props$, and dual
ddm.bsq Data mining and model clause catalog tables such as model$, modeltab$, and modelset$
ddst.bsq Daylight savings time tables
denv.bsq Catalog objects related to profiles, jobs, resource management and the profile "DEFAULT"
dexttab.bsq Catalog objects related to external tables external_tab$ and external_location$ and their indexes
dfba.bsq Flashback Archive tables
dfmap.bsq Catalog objects such as map_file$, map_element$, map*, etc.
dhcs.bsq HCS catalog tables
djava.bsq Creation of catalog objects related to java objects (java class, java source, java resource, java data and etc).
dlmnr.bsq Creation of catalog objects related to log miner such as logmnr_session_evolve$ and logmnr_evolve_seq$
dmanage.bsq Creation of tablespace SYSAUX and catalog objects such as sqllog$, sql$, sqltext$, sqlobj$, and object_usage
dmisc.bsq Registry and transformations, lost write metadata
dobj.bsq Catalog objects such as dir$, type$, collection$, method$, operator$, indarraytype$, and related indexes
doptim.bsq Catalog objects related to the cost based optimizer such as histgrm$, hist_head$, tab_stats$, and ind_stats$
dpart.bsq Catalog objects related to partitioning of LOBs such as partobj$, partcol$, lobfrag$, etc.
dplsql.bsq Catalog objects related to PL/SQL such as procedure$, procedureinfo$, source$, error$, and diana_version$
dpstdby.bsq Catalog tabls supporting DataGuard Physical Standby
drac.bsq Catalog objects related to TSM (Transparent Service Migration) such as tsm_src$, service$, cluster_databases, & dir$alert_history
drep.bsq Catalog objects related to replications such as mlog$, slog$, snap$, snap_reftime$, cdc_system, and  streams$_capture_process
drupg.bsq Catalog tables supporting DBMS_ROLLING and rolling upgrades
dsec.bsq Creation of user sys, public, and default roles such as connect. Also objects related to privileges such as audit$, aud$, SYSTEM_PRIVILEGE_MAP, rls$, fga$, and inserting values into SYSTEM_PRIVILEGE_MAP, and granting ora$base to public
dsqlddl.bsq Catalog objects such as link$, recyclebin$, duc$, trigger$, context$ and related indexes
dsummgt.bsq Catalog objects related to OLAP such as sum$, sumagg$, sumdetail$, hier$, dim$, and their related indexes
dtlog.bsq Catalog tables and sequence supporting the CLI dictionary
dtools.bsq Creation of role exp_full_database, select_catalog_role, expimp_tts_ct$, metaview$, metascript$, and related indexes
dtxnspc.bsq Creation of default UNDO, temporary, permanent tablespace, pending_trans$, pending_sessions$, and inserts values into props$
recover.bsq Catalog objects related to RMAN, backup and recovery
sql.bsq Calls the other .bsq scripts to build the data dictionary catalog beginning with dcore and ending with dlmnr

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