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The following advice is given not to teach scripting in PERL but rather to establish, in writing, some best practices for developers and DBAs using PERL to work with an Oracle database.
Auto Commit The default value of 1 forces PERL to autocommit after every row. This is without question the worst possible default value. Always set this to 0 and issue explicit commits based on the largest possible logical transaction.
${AutoCommit} = 0;
ORA_CHECK_SQL It is best practice to take advantage of Oracle's "deferred parse" which decreases database calls, which combines the "parse" and "execute" phases of SQL processing. By default this is not enabled. To enable it set ora_check_sql to 0.
${ora_check_sql} = 0;
RaiseError The default value is 0 which is a poor choice for almost all applications. Reset this value to 1 and exception will be sent to your script terminating it should an Oracle exception be generated.
${RaiseError} = 1;
RowCacheSize Creates a local pre-fetch cache and defines its size. Not having an enabled cache provides the worst possible performance.
${RowCacheSize} = 1000;

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